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About Canada Coffee Service

Canada Coffee Service has been in business for over 10 years, providing top-quality Keurig and Newco Commercial Coffee Brewers and coffee delivery services across Alberta and Ontario. We deliver to both homes and businesses, providing K-Cups and traditional drip coffee products, plus a full line of coffee accessories including creamers, sugar, paper goods and much more. We carry every licenced K-Cup available, coffee by Seattle’s Best, Starbucks, and Club Coffee. We offer bundled water and coffee discounts and are happy to price match other coffee services.

Our business has grown exponentially in the past few years, as the word spreads about our exceptional service, quality products, COR and SQF certifications and commitment to the environment via our K-Cup Recycling program. We’re proud to deliver to many of Alberta and Ontario’s top 100 companies, a list that continues to grow.

Culligan has built a niche market for our coffee services by focusing on the quality of the water you are brewing your coffee with. We install all of our brewers with Culligan water filters. With Keurig and Flavia brewers, we can even install them off Culligan’s Aqua-Cleer Reverse Osmosis systems so you are brewing coffee with 100% PURE water. Coffee is 99% Water, so better water equals better coffee!

We can also provide a variety of drinking water solutions, from 18.9 Litre and 500ml Bottled Water delivery, to Culligan “Plumbed-In” Bottle Free Coolers to our top-of-theline Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems.

Why use Reverse Osmosis Systems for your Keurig Coffee?

Reduced Service Calls and Down Time

The most common service issues plaguing the Coffee Vendor are due to the scaling of your Keurig coffee brewer. Water Scale is a coating deposited on mainly metal surfaces that are in contact with hard water. Prairie Provinces have the hardest water in Canada as they contain the highest quantities of calcium and magnesium. The resulting build-up of scale restricts the flow of water in pipes and reduces the heating elements ability to heat the water which can also allow the metal boiler components to overheat. The results affecting coffee brewers are:

  • Scaling of the heating coil causes, resulting in: far less efficient brewers using more energy to the heat the water, which results in higher electricity use and higher costs. This is harder on the environment as coffee is brewed at lower temperatures, which also affects the taste of the coffee.
  • Scaling of the water transfer tubes becoming clogged with calcium, resulting in: variances in water volume affecting the taste of the coffee. This is especially true of plastic tubes.
  • Scaling of heat-sensitive valves and switches in the Keurig Brewer, resulting in: complete failure of the brewer.
  • Remove scaling requires the use of caustic heavy acid products. Using reverse osmosis eliminates de-scaling and the use of acid. This is better for your staff and better for the environment.

    Better Tasting Coffee

    Coffee is 99% water; so use the PUREST water with Culligan Water. STARBUCKS uses reverse osmosis water treatment systems to brew their coffee at every one of their Coffee Houses in the world and Culligan is the service provider to many of them. It is fair to say that Starbucks has proven that the best cup of coffee is brewed with the PUREST water. Culligan has adopted this same brewing process that we offer to our Culligan Coffee Customers

    Your reverse osmosis system will be setup to meet the demand requirements for water. Your knowledgeable Culligan Sales and Service Technicians will design this system accordingly. The use of this type of equipment would be a great undertaking for a general coffee company to attempt; however this is everyday business for The Water Experts at Culligan Water.

    In conclusion, by using reverse osmosis water your coffee will not only taste better, but we can reduce your service as much as 90% by completely eliminating the possibility of scaling. You will reduce your energy imprint and brew a better cup by allowing the Keurig and Flavia brewers to heat and brew efficiently.

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