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K-Cup Recycling Program

Culligan cares about our impact on the environment.

Keurig has quickly become the most popular home and office coffee system due to its vast selection and ease of use, but this system generates higher levels of waste than from a traditional brewing system.

Culligan recognized this issue and researched a solution to recover and manage this waste before we decided to become a Keurig authorized dealer. Recycling K-Cups proved to be a difficult task due to the combination of coffee, food grade plastic, and foil, but we have teamed up an ISO 14001 Certified textile company that created a program for recycling your K-Cups.

Culligan will supply our recycling customers with recycle bins, will pick up your used K-Cups with each delivery, and will deliver this waste to our environmental partner for a nominal monthly fee!

*Recycling program available in select cities.